Victoria Tjong

Victoria Tjong is one of sexy Lingerie catwalk models. She wears lingerie from café to café in order to amusing café’s visitor. Victoria was born in Jongkong, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia, December 17th 1977.
Her size Tshirt: M,
pant: 27,
bra : 34 B,
shoes: 40

Tiara Lestari

Tiara Lestari originally from Indonesia. Formerly residing in Singapore, She is now firmly back in her own beloved country. Modeling has been her passion and profession. Her journey as a model has taken her to the cover of Playboy Magazin.

His simple village lass made “kampong” chic. But now a completely reformed character: international stardom simply wasn’t her calling. Even so, her legacy lives on. Likes leopard clothing.

Marthasya Simatupang

Marthasya Simatupang Bataknese girl beauty fashion Girls photo gallery. Marthasya or Marthasya Simatupang (Ucha) was born February 5, 1987 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Marthasya or Marthasya Simatupang (Ucha) is a beautiful model of Indonesia, beautiful women and celebrities. Marthasya popular in the top beautiful model. Special Marthasya collection of photographs of beauty unknown.

Nira Ayu Amartha

Nira Ayu Amartha, Asia really, with creamy skin.
His body was slender. Previously Nira Amartha, that was happier was greeted this Nira had aspired to become the attendant.
Understand he his hobby travelling. "I had taken part in the selection" of the "attendant, but because of my body weight tended thin so as to not slip away the selection," said the woman Sunda - Solo this.
Finally he tried to enter modelling in OQ Modeling, furthermore konsen into the world of modelling that brought him played the film, the advertisement and the road in catwalk.
From all that once he underwent, he claimed more liked went in catwalk.
He could appear all out when bringing the fashion -most often bridal -- that was entrusted to him.

Name: Nira Ayu Amartha
Populpar name: Nira
Born: Jakarta, on July 29 1983
High the Weight: 167 CM - 48 KG
Shirt: the S Shirt, trousers of 27
Bra: BRA 34 A
Education: London SCHOOL
Work: Model, Actres

Patricia Oktavia

Name : Patricia Oktavia
Nick : Petty
Born : Palembang, 4 October 1983
Height Weight : 166 CM 49 KG
Shirt bra : S, 36B, 27
Film : Tersanjung 5, Cintaku Di Rumah Susun, Pura-Pura Buta, Rahasia Ilahi, Susuk Kantil Nyi Roro Kidul
Video Clip : Saung Jabo
Education : Modeling John Robert Power

Yeyen Lidya

Yeyen Lidya was born in Jakarta on 5 May 1978. Popular magazine brought this 28 years old sexy model go on top of Indonesian high class society. Became host on Global TV and role in “Trans TV Ketawa sore”. So, what is the most interesting from Yeyen Lidya look at the picture and give her score…

Name : Yeyen Lidya
Born : Jakarta, 5 May 1978
Height/Wheight : 168 CM/ 57 KG
Size : Bra 34A, Shoe 40
Karier : Model, Aktris
Hoby : Reading, Swim
Sinteron/FTV : Prahara Batavia, Panggung Hahahihi, Dendam Nyi Pelet, Imsyaf, Kopral, Komedi Pasar, Ssuste Ngesot, Rarapan Arawah, Jalan Menuju Surga, Pelacur Itu Jodohku, Dendam Berdarah.
Comercial : Obat Nyamuk, Lapis Legit Monika.

Tamara Bleszynski

The last news about Tamara Bleszynski get caught because has drugs is only figment. Brigjen Pol Indradi Tanos has clarify if there is no one Indonesian celebrity getting caught as the rumors said. However until now Tamara Bleszynski hasn't show up to clarify this rumors, but there is some information from her lawyer Elsa Sharif that Tamara Bleszynski is doing some fitness (sport things).

Tamara Bleszynski get caught rumors actually show up from sms (short message service) that go around among journalist, and the message is "exclusive hint! Tamara Bless has drugs (sabu-sabu party in Permata Hijau Appartment. Check it, please?"